Introduction to Our Instructor Brake Kits

We market two different types of cable operated Instructor Brake kits. Our company was founded on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of the Twin Stop (TS) instructors brake (pictured on the left below). Since 2007, we’ve also been selling a product that we import from Europe, FAT dual control kits (pictured center and right below)

Instructor Brake
Fat Instructor Brake
Fat Instructor Brake

FAT dual control kits are our most popular selling product. They are simple design that has proven to work well in the large majority of vehicles available to North American consumers. It’s a cost efficient and practical system.

The Twin Stop kit is a more compact design and has been a favorite among many driving instructors and installers. It can lead to a responsive brake pedal and cosmetically pleasing final product, if the time and effort is put into the installation.

Click the links on the left above to get more information on these specific products: The "TWIN STOP" (TS) System OR The "FAT" System.

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