FAT dual control kits are our most popular selling product. They are simple design that has proven to work well in the large majority of vehicles available to North American consumers. It’s a cost efficient and practical system. Has been available since 1971 and is the number-one selling product to the world market. FAT kits have been available in North America since 2007.

Item #: FAT3

This product is imported from Europe, where manual transmission vehicles are still very popular. The frame is common for all of the kits. It accommodates a full manual transmission set up.

The Frame is common for all FAT kits. Its heavy duty, made of powder coated steel

Can be provided as a brake only kit.(Item #: FAT1)

Can be provided as a brake and accelerator kit.(Item #: FAT2)

Model B, Brake and Accelerator kit.
(Item #: FAT7B)

This is a new product for us (as of August 2019). It better incorporates the use of the frame. Accelerator cable friction is kept to a minimum by using two pulleys to redirect the cable path to the driver’s side.