Eye Check Mirror To See Your Student, item# m-e1

KIVA Locked Suction Cup Mirror

Flat Glass Mirror

  • Flat glass provides the real view giving an undistorted view of your students face.

Quality Materials

  • High quality suction cup that will practically never fall off the window.
  • Mirror body has been manufactured with high quality plastic.
  • Mirrors can easily be transferred to new vehicles with the levered suction cup design and the tab on the flexible membrane.
  • Same suction cup is used for both item m-e1 and m-L2.

How to use and care for KIVA Locked Suction Cup Mirrors.

We supply a hard copy of Use and Care Instructions with each mirror we provide, however this transcript is provided for your online viewing.


Clean the mirror suction cup and the surface where the mirror is to be placed, with a moist lint-free cloth.

Place the suction cup against the glass in the desired position, apply light pressure and the cup should hold.

Switch the latch to the closed position to get maximum suction force. You can now adjust the mirror for use.


Note that with time all suction devices will lose vacuum.  A mirror falling from the window can produce a dangerous distraction.  Each time you get in the vehicle, use your hand to apply a firm back and forth force to the KIVA mirrors, in order to confirm that they are firmly fixed.

You may also want to consider:

  1. Remove the mirrors periodically, clean the surfaces, and reattach.
  2. Attaching a safety string from the mirror to the sun visor, thus preventing the mirror from making a long uncontrolled drop.

To Remove

Hold the mirror and switch the latch to the open position.  It is important to lift the suction cup tab to release the flexible cup from the glass. Even with the lock released the mirror will still be firmly attached. Failure to lift the tab can result in breakage of the mirror assembly.

Dimensions are given in “inches”