ENTRY 2: On this installation a Steel Plate was custom cut and bent to mount the passenger side unit. This eliminated completely the need to drill into the vehicles floor.

Thank you to Mat from J and W Motors Ltd. in Branford, Ontario, Canada for submitting these photographs. J and W Motors is a listing on our “Potential Passenger Brake Installer” web page. They have installed numerous driving instructor brakes and their preferred method for the Instructor’s side unit is to mount it on a metal plate that has been cut and bent to fit snugly on the floor.

This is an installation in a 2013 Mazda 3.

A steel plate, probably 1/8” thick, was cut at a metal fabrication shop in the form of the flat areas of the car’s floor. This plate was subsequently bent using the metal fabrication shop’s brake press in order to make a plate that fits snugly. Threaded studs where welded on to secure the driving instructor’s brake unit.

The custom made plate was slipped underneath the vehicles carpet.

Holes where slit into the carpet for the studs to protrude through and the Driving Instructor’s Brake unit was attached. The heavy, custom fit steel plate underneath the vehicle carpet offers a secure base without the need for drilling into the vehicles floor.