An extension spring is provided on the main unit of the Twin Stop instructor’s brake kit. This spring can be disconnected if a reduced cable tension is desired. Note that the driver’s parts on TS kits were designed on the assumption that the cable slack will retract back to the passenger side each time the driver’s brake pedal is pressed.

The table below provides the TS kits static cable tension specifications. The angle that the unit is mounted at and where the pedal is in the stroke, is a significant factor in providing the cable tension. Tensions given in the table are for the units mounted at a 30 degree angle with the pedal in the middle of its stroke. Pedals on TS kits are removable. The weight of the pedal is a significant factor contributing to Static Cable Tension. Cable Tensions are provided for both the pedal installed and the pedal removed.

Definition of Static Cable Tension: The tension in the cable when the dual control unit is at rest, i.e., not being used by the instructor.

Extension Spring Use Tension with Pedal Installed Tension with Pedal Removed
Connected .895 kg
1.97 lbs
.686 kg
1.51 lbs
Disconnected .524 kg
1.15 lbs
.326 kg
.718 lbs