Twin Stop Passenger Brake: Maintenance

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The cable, after having been subject to numerous cycles, will begin to show signs of fatigue failure. After 18,000 km (11,250 miles) the cable needs to be replaced or inspected regularly on a bimonthly interval. Inspection should be done in two critical locations as follows:

  1. On the driver side: It must be checked in the area were it leaves the cable clamb assembly headed to the floor assembly. Push the brake pedal down with one hand and with the other hand pull up the cable so that you can inspect it in the area where it has been bending around the aluminium spacer.
  2. On the passenger side: It must be checked in the area of reverse bending. With the cars engine running (so that the braking system’s power assist moves the pedal to the floor as much as possible) push the Instructor’s brake down and inspect the cable in the area between the two pulleys.

Feel the cable in these two areas to determine if there are any broken wires.

If broken wires are detected, replace the cable within the next 2000 km (1250 miles).

Drivers Side Floor Assembly Shown In The Pedal Up Position

Dual Brake Installation:

The TWIN STOP dual brake can provide an instructors brake on the passenger side that looks, feels and works like the driver’s side pedal. Purchasing the kit is a good start, but it does not provide the final product: Installation is a major part of the end result.

The positioning of the driving instructors side assembly is not that critical in terms of the functioning of the dual brake. A better looking installation and a more user friendly pedal can be obtained if the installer takes the extra time to get the unit as high up on the firewall as possible.

The critical part of the dual brake installation, in terms of the unit functioning reliably, is in the positioning of the driver’s side floor mount assembly. This assembly must be mounted so that the brake pedal’s clamp comes along side the floor pulley upon complete brake deflection: See diagram below. On some applications, this is easier said than done. An installer-made installation bracket may have to be cut, bent, and drilled so that the floor assembly can be mounted to this and self-tapping screws fastened into the firewall at safe locations. One or two pieces of easily bendable, 1/8 or 3/16 inch thick, aluminum is included in each kit for this purpose. Please view the following illustration depicting a situation where the driver’s side floor assembly could not be mounted directly to the fire wall because of numerous brake lines on the other side, and how a bracket was made to circumvent this problem.

Graphic Showing Proper Positioning Of Drivers Side Floor Assembly

Right Back View Showing Proper Positioning Of Drivers Side Floor Assembly

We have found that the best results are obtained by individuals who have undertaken the installation themselves or have become closely involved in seeing that the unit gets installed correctly. The task of installation is more a job for the tradesman type of person as opposed to the auto mechanic: auto technicians, while great at diagnosing problems and subsequently changing malfunctioning parts, are often not the best at building something new, which is really what a dual brake installation consists of. Someone with basic tools can perform the installation: The only auto mechanic knowledge really needed, is knowing that drilling into a hydraulic brake line is not a good thing.

Will It Fit In Your Car?

Probably. We have not found a car yet that the unit could not be fit into. There are many different vehicles available to North American consumers and they are all built differently in the area where the driver’s side instructor brake parts are going to be fitted. Some vehicles are easy and simply involve screwing the dual brake parts into place. Many other vehicles have components in the way and thus custom made brackets need to be made to circumvent these problems. The question of “will it fit?”, often times depends on how much time and effort the installer is willing to invest.

Before ordering, you may want to check your particular application to see if there is enough room on the floor beside the brake pedal for the floor assembly. You can find the dimensions of the driver’s side parts using the following link: Twin Stop – Dimensions

Also check to see if a 3/16 diameter flexible cable housing (much like that on your typical bicycle) will pass over to the other side without any major bends.

As mentioned before, we have never come across a car that the dual brake could not be mounted into.