The Twin Stop Instructor’s Brake

Item #: bk01

Please Note. Twin Stop Kits are being discontinued. We know that this will be a disappointment to many of you that have appreciated our product and have purchased many of these kits over the last 25 years. Unfortunately, from a business perspective, continuing to manufacture this product is no longer viable.  Twin Stop Kits will continue to be available until the current stock runs out.  We will continue to provide cables, cable housings, and some parts.

Easy to use Pedal Travel

The Twin Stop instructor brake utilizes a pivot point immediately to the end of the unit, resulting in a long pivot to pedal length. The result is the pedal traveling in an easy to use arch. The simpler design of our system means user-friendly operation for your driving instructors.

Life Long Dependability

The Twin Stop utilizes a special: 7 X 19 construction, stainless steel, 1/16 inch diameter, factory lubricated, 480 pound break strength cable. Run over pulleys, 16 times its diameter, means it is subject to significantly less fatigue than the cables in previous units that ran a cable containing double the wire size over the same size pulleys.
The main frame components are made from non-corrosive aluminum.

Virtual Invisible Instructor Brake

The Twin Stop System can be mounted high on the firewall: other systems sold by different driving school supply companies need clearance room for the swing of the arm. With the help of a floor mat and the pedal removed, the unit is virtually invisible. Here’s a link (INSTALLED UNITS) for you to see some actual instructor brake installations.

No Interference With Drivers Side Pedal Travel

The Twin Stop instructor brake pulls a full 4 ½ inches of cable; this along with the specially designed drivers side cable to pedal hookup, allows the driving instructor to be able to pull the pedal all the way to the floor. More importantly, there is no pulley immediately under the car’s pedal. In case of car brake failure, the driver will still be able to push the pedal to the floor.

Photographs Of Main Unit & Driver's Side Parts

First time purchasers of Twin Stop kits are sometimes surprised at the difference between the cable diameter used on the Twin Stop kit and that of the FAT kit or with other cable type systems that they have experience with. Be assured however, that the break strength of this cable is 450 lbs.

The picture shows a comparison of the Twin Stop cable with others.  A – FAT accelerator cable, B – Other suppliers Brake Cable, C -Twin Stop Brake Cable, D – FAT Brake Cable

One of the aspects of the Twin Stop design that is not so desirable is that the passenger side hinge needs to be able to rotate freely through a 15 degree arc. This can present a challenge on some vehicles if the cable housing needs to have an immediate bend in order to go through to the driver’s side. If this is the case the web page: “The Dual Control Work Shop”shows an effective remedy.

The passenger side hinge, shown in Blue (see slide show), needs to be able to rotate freely through a 15 degree arc. The cable housing should not be inhibiting a force on the hinge thus prohibiting this arcing.